A Utilities Logo That’s Anything But Utilitarian

  • Brand Identity

As a new internet service provider in Vermont, CVFiber needed a logo faster than you can binge your favorite show. Something that conveys the speed of fiber optics, and represents the 21 close-knit communities they serve. 

To deliver a new logo and style guide at speed, we streamlined our intake process and made sure to abide by any municipal regulations upfront to avoid external delays. Creating exciting and effective solutions is always a fun challenge for us, even when it includes prime time in front of the Governing Board. 

The logo we designed combines a speedy fiber optic technology vibe while still being accessible to consumers. It also harkens back to the iconic mountains of Vermont without being too heavy handed. The new logo was approved by the Governing Board approvals and now inspires confidence in CVFiber’s customers throughout Central Vermont.

CVFiber logo
CVFiber hard hat
CVFiber shirt

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