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Branding a new craft taproom? Yeah, it’s a lot of fun, even without the taste testing. Distraction Brewing Company wanted to capture their relaxing and welcoming vibe that reflects the local Roslindale community, but they weren’t sure how to bring it all together. And they needed a logo, visual identity, and tagline in a hurry, to stir up “coming soon” excitement at a festival. 

With the tight timeline, we stayed in constant contact and served up several rounds of concepts that met the general look and feel of what Distraction wanted. The winners? A mark that incorporates the brewery’s historic and locally famous building. The tagline “Kick back. Be(er) yourself.” And promotional merch and the brewery’s building signage. Three cheers to craft brewery branding!

To learn more about our brand identity process, visit our blog: Crafting a locally-inspired logo for Distraction Brewing.

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