Drafted By The #1 Sports Betting App For 2021

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Jock MKT combines the stock market with fantasy sports. When the new startup was scouting for copy and design help for social ads, they drafted Expand because there isn’t time to make risky bets when you’re competing against more established names in daily fantasy sports.

Our top priority was testing different messages and approaches to refine Jock MKT’s rookie ad strategy. Based on our intake research, we kicked things off with a few messages that were resonating with their target audience. A value prop playoff, if you will. In particular, we focused on a glowing quote from Forbes vs user testimonials, as well as the freedom and fun of picking up players throughout a game vs being able to earn real cash. The winner isn’t in just yet, but we’re ready to give it our all until the final buzzer.

jockmrt ad

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