Tufts Food Compass

A Logo That Points The Way To Healthier Food Choices

  • Brand Identity

While it can be a big challenge assessing how healthful foods and beverages are, Tufts University has a big appetite for research. They just needed some help figuring out how to brand their Tufts’ Food Compass scoring system. 

We conducted a workshop with Tufts to pinpoint key goals and challenges for Food Compass’ brand identity. One of our key discoveries was needing the logo to serve double duty as a way to visually convey individual food scores, such as on packaging for goods on grocery shelves.

Based on our discovery research, we determined the need for a visually clean yet information-rich logo. The client was impressed with our efficient process and breadth of logo options to consider. With our guidance, Tufts chose a compass-inspired logo that ties into the Food Compass name while also providing an easy way to convey food scores in an at-a-glance manner.

Tufts food compass logo
Tufts food compass color palette
Tufts food compass logos
Tufts food compass collateral
Tufts food compass font treatment

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