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While we aren’t an ecommerce brand, we know a thing or two about needing actionable intelligence to move fast. So we jumped right into a virtual branding workshop when Zeenk came to us to establish a strong presence for their SAAS-based analytics solution for direct sellers.

Collaborating directly with Zeenk’s leadership team made it quick and easy to discover key insights about Zeenk’s competitive advantages and their clients’ needs. For instance, Zeenk’s action-forward logo and positioning were inspired by the AI-powered platform’s keen ability to turbocharge smart choices by direct sellers. We also leveraged our learnings to create a multi-stage launch website for Zeenk so they could reach investors, clients, and employees at key milestones during their rollout. By staying nimble and responsive, we also spun out their branding into a style guide and sales collateral templates.

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