No Traffic Jams For This Car-Sharing Impact Report

  • Digital Design

Sharing the road? Good. Sharing the same creative vision? Even better. 

Zipcar knew they wanted to try something new for the latest edition of their annual Impact Report about car sharing. Something mobile-friendly that also featured their custom library of illustrated characters and cityscapes. So Zipcar teamed up with Expand to design their 40-page report, one without miscommunications or other common struggles when working with an agency.

Zipcar’s Creative Director provided the project objectives, as well as brand assets and copy. By being true partners with their internal team, we were able to bring the exciting Impact Report to life without making anyone feel like a backseat driver. And because our creative teams collaborated directly without account managers in the way, we skipped taking the scenic route that’s all too common with larger agencies. No wonder we had the time to include an infographic and customizable slideshow assets too.

Zipcar impact report
zipcar display
zipcar infographic

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